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Wealth Management for Individuals

We provide comprehensive financial planning services to individuals. Our services can be provided a la carte as needed. What is most important to us is that we get to know our clients deeply and guide them towards a financial future they could have never imagined on their own. Our faith guides our decision making and we take our role as fiduciary to heart.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

  • Investment Planning – The process of matching your goals and objectives with your resources.
    • Accumulation Phase – The phase in which an investor is building up the cash value of an annuity.
    • Distribution/ Income Phase- The phase in which we provide Income during your retirement.  To provide Lifetime Income you can count on to meet your needs.
  • Risk Management – Identifying and mitigating the risk inherent to life.
    • Life Insurance
    • Disability Insurance
    • Long Term Care Planning – Planning for the possibility of long-term care, making important decisions ahead of time while you are still able to do so, and finding resources within your community.
  • Retirement Planning – Determining income needs, estimating expenses, assessing tolerance for risk, and incorporating estate planning.
    • Pre-retirement Planning – Making the transition work for all involved.
    • Social Security Planning – Maximizing benefits.
    • Medicare Planning – Helping you understand plans and assist with the process.
  • Working with Women – Our main focus is in helping women find financial freedom and health.

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